Project Partners

The Consortium consists of six partners: two industrial cluster associations (Sirris from Belgium and COMET from Italy) with over 6000 company members combined, one governmental I4.0 agency (Future Industry Platform from Poland), one private research and technology transfer organization (Steinbeis from Germany) and two SMEs: a high-tech SME specializing in R&D and consultancy in ICT technologies across various sectors (Thhink BV from the Netherlands), and a foresight consultancy (4CF from Poland) that develops innovative qualitative and semi-quantitative foresight methodologies and digital tools.


1 Consortium, 6 Partners

The Consortium features 6 diverse partners, including two industrial clusters, a governmental agency, a research organization, and two SMEs specializing in ICT and foresight methodologies. Together, they bring a wealth of expertise and innovation to the project.

Partners Background

The Consortium unites experienced partners in industrial research, manufacturing strategy, sustainable development, and technology transfer, with a proven track record in EC-funded projects. Their collaborations, including digitalization efforts in ConnectedFactories and foresight tenders for the EC & Frontex, as well as AI applications in manufacturing through AI REGIO, and policy roadmapping in Smart4Europe, highlight their synergy and expertise. Current collaborations like the Industry 4.0 study by 4CF and FIP further showcase their commitment to advancing industrial innovation.

Partners Connections

The Consortium, deeply embedded in European industrial and innovation ecosystems, boasts significant connections through its partners’ roles in key EU clusters and networks. With expertise spanning digitalization, manufacturing strategies, and foresight methodologies, the consortium aims to develop comprehensive scenarios, roadmaps, and action plans to advance Manufacturing-as-a-Service (MaaS) in Europe. Utilizing tools like 4CF’s HalnyX and PnyX, it seeks to engage stakeholders across sectors for the benefit of European industry and society.

Partners Complementarity

The distribution of expertise between Consortium partners illustrates how the partners
complement each other and collectively are able to achieve MASTT2040 objectives. 


Sirris, the collective innovation center for Belgium’s technological industry, excels in advanced manufacturing, digital transformation, green transition, and circular economy. With 150 experts and a vast network, Sirris leverages its experience in technology adoption, strategic planning, and innovation management to guide companies through their transition to future factories, contributing significantly to the project with its technological and industrial expertise.

4CF The Futures Literacy Company

4CF stands at the forefront of foresight methodologies, offering innovative solutions like decision-making games and digital gamebooks to enhance organizational innovation. In this project, 4CF applies its expertise in trend analysis and scenario development, utilizing tools like 4CF HalnyX and PnyX to boost the foresight capabilities of stakeholders. Their role is pivotal in shaping the project’s approach to anticipating and navigating future industry 4.0 challenges.

FIP Future Industry Platform

The Future Industry Platform, a Polish governmental foundation, is dedicated to fast-tracking the digital transformation of Poland’s industry. By leveraging its close ties with governmental bodies and its focus on integrating diverse stakeholder groups, FIP plays a crucial role in the project. It aims to lead efforts in collaborative sense-making and data standardization, thereby supporting the strategic objectives of European industrial policies and future manufacturing ecosystems.

Cluster COMET

COMET, the mechanical engineering cluster from Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy, represents a significant portion of the region’s enterprises. It is instrumental in the project for its role in engaging stakeholders, communicating, and disseminating vital information. COMET’s efforts are geared towards leveraging analysis on opportunities, challenges, and trends in the Manufacturing as a Service domain to influence industrial strategy and policy recommendations effectively.

Steinbeis Europa Zentrum

Steinbeis, with over 30 years of experience in innovation support, specializes in consulting, technology transfer, and open innovation practices. In the project, Steinbeis brings its expertise in future manufacturing, technology transfer, and stakeholder engagement to the forefront. By contributing to the development of strategies and policies, Steinbeis plays a vital role in enhancing the innovation capacities of SMEs and organizations across Europe.


THHINKBV provides high technology consultancy services to DG Connect and DG GROW writing EC documents covering technology roadmaps, policy and strategy on Digital Manufacturing, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Physical Systems, and Digitising European Industry. In the project, THHINK’s role is central to roadmapping and industrial data standardization efforts. Their extensive experience in standardization, policy development, and strategic planning is leveraged to create a cohesive Industry Strategy and Action Plan, aiming for a harmonized approach to future Manufacturing as a Service (MaaS).

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