This document outlines the strategic plan for engagement, dissemination, and exploitation activities for the MASTT2040 project (Manufacturing as a Service for the EU’s TWIN transition until 2040, Project Number
101138342), aimed at establishing a common approach and procedures across all project stages and beyond its lifetime. It will detail the coordination of communication efforts to ensure efficient and effective
outreach to all relevant stakeholders, including the broader manufacturing community, MaaS providers and users, Circular Economy (CE) community, industry associations, academia, standardization bodies,
and policymakers at local, regional, national, and EU levels.

This plan is developed under the leadership of the Work Package (WP) leader, COMET, and involves all project partners. It includes the identification of relevant stakeholders, the development of a
Communication Toolkit, the establishment of a project visual identity, the management of the MASTT2040 website, the creation and distribution of dissemination materials, as well as strategies for an active social
media engagement. This document serves as a guideline for both partner-level and collaborative-level communication activities, aiming to maximize the visibility of the project’s objectives, activities, and
achievements, and to foster an exchange of information on MaaS technologies and their future prospects.

This strategic plan also encompasses the development of an exploitation strategy to optimize the uptake of the project results by relevant stakeholders, ensuring the targeted transfer of information to maximize
future MaaS utilization for the benefit of the EU industry.